I work for Solihull Council developing and promoting the use of telecare and assistive technology – or gadgets as we like to say.  We use specific equipment designed to promote independence for older and disabled people, or to help keep people safe.
I know that there are lots of applications of mainstream smart-phone and tablet technology that could benefit the people we support.  I want to find the best way to bridge the gap between the people who need support and the people who are experts and innovators in the use of this technology.  I think this could bring some significant benefits to people’s lives.
One simple example is using GPS tracking via someone’s smart phone rather than buying a specific GPS tracking device designed for people with dementia.  This can be a low cost and immediately available solution – depending on circumstances.
I’m really interested to hear people’s ideas about how we can achieve this, and to hear examples of where disabled or older people (or their families and carers) have used this technology to improve their lives.

You can find peoples stories and ideas using the links at the side of this blog, or you can visit our Facebook page if you prefer.



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  1. I’ve really enjoyed reading the stories and ideas here. I work for an organisation that supports disabled people so we’re always interested in technology that helps people towards independence. We have a few tablets (not ipads) and I’m interested to hear about app suggestions, particularly for people with learning disabilities, autism or sensory impairments.

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